Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The "Pokey Little Puppy" Retro Romper

Remember my post about how I just like to start projects and am less excited to actually finish them? Well, it's hereditary.  A few months ago my mom sent this cute Poky Little Puppy romper that she had almost finished for my oldest brother 45 years ago. LOL! Anyway it just happens to be the perfect size for Thomas right now.  It only needed buttons so I sewed them on for a quick finish one day.

Thomas loves his "doggy shirt".

I think I may have made the flaps fold forward when they should have been folded to the back. Ooops! I should have consulted with the designer.

I had a lot of fun taking these photos so I'm sharing a bunch of them.

This is his "Where?" look

If you are curious about the little applique, Mom said she had a Pokey Little Puppy toy that she used to trace around for the shape and then just improvised the applique pieces and used her sewing machine to embroider the face. She's always been super creative and resourceful. It would have been fun to read her blog if those existed way back when. If you want to see more of my mom's amazing talent you can visit her Doll Pattern shop where you can see her beautiful doll clothing designs.

Thanks for the cute romper, Mom. I've washed it a bit and that fabric doesn't look a bit different. I thought for sure that red fabric would bleed onto the white, but no!

Happy Sewing Y'all.


  1. So glad that its finally finished!

  2. These are so cute!

  3. What an adorable romper AND adorable boy wearing it!