Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Today is Pie Day! The day we make all the pies. Except this year my kids are in school today, so I'm delaying pie day a little to do most of the baking in the afternoon.
Last year's Cherry. my favorite!

We're making 2 Lemon Meringues, an Apple, and a pumpkin. And maybe something else if the kids come home and request something different. In my family growing up we always made a pie per person on Thanksgiving. I feel like we aren't quite to that level, my kids have consume a little more to justify that tradition here or else I eat all the pie. :)
Last years pies...hey we made the same one's then!
I pulled out the Thanksgiving decorations yesterday, you know so we could enjoy them for a day at least.  I discovered a garland I made last year that I wanted to show you.  After all you can't have a holiday without a little crafty garland hanging somewhere, right?

I made this using the Waste Not Garland tutorial on Anna Maria Horner's blog.  Actually the fabric for it came from a free scrap bag they sent me when I ordered some fabric from their shop a couple of years ago.

 I also put out a little festive centerpiece on a piece of printed burlap from Joann.  I intended to sew a black border on this table runner but maybe next year I'll get to that.

And then of course I hung up our traditional Thanksgiving banner. Yay!

I hope you all have wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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