Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Lickety Split Skirt

My son had a little birthday party to go to not too long ago. I always think it's fun to send a handmade gift if I have time.  But I am always pressed for time and I can only seem to manage "lickety split" projects that can be made the day of...sometimes the hour's true!. This little project fits the bill perfectly. What little girl doesn't love a new little skirt to run around in?

 I just sort of made it up and it's not put together the correct way, it's put together the fast way. :) I'm sure there are a ton of tutorials out there.
Here's a mini description of how I made it...

  • Use the width of the fabric off the bolt (about 44") and cut it to the desired finished skirt  length (minus 1 inch). 
  • Cut a 5'' strip of another fabric, folded it in half and sewed it to the bottom of the skirt. Finish the edges with a zig-zag or serger. 
  • Press the folded band down and topstitch along the seam. No hemming on this skirt!!

  • Sew the short ends together. Finish that seam too!  Press it to one side and use your sewing machine to tack (sew back and forth for about 3 stitches) the seam down at the bottom of the hem so it stays folded over.
  • Make a casing in the top a little bigger than the width of your elastic. How? Press the top  edge over 1/4 inch and then fold it over again and press.  I made my casing 1 inch wide and used a 1/2 inch elastic to thread through it. Stitch the casing leaving an opening in the back to thread the elastic through. 
  • Stitch around the top too, so it looks cute when she tucks in a shirt.
  • Thread your elastic through. Stitch it together. Sew the opening closed with a little tag or ribbon so she'll know which side is the back  

Quick and cute!

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