Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pattern Cutting Tips Just for You

Hi there!  I've been sewing a lot with patterns lately... lots of pattern testing going on over here.  And can I just say that cutting out fabric with a paper pattern is frustrating!   It's almost impossible to hold the paper down the whole time while you cut and it's tricky to pin the paper to the fabric. Inevitably the paper shifts and then I've cut it wrong. Gah! Anyway today I'm going to show you a couple of tips I use to help make cutting from patterns a little bit easier and way less frustrating.
Tip #1
Use kitchen knives as pattern weights. 
 This is a great trick I learned from my mom.  Grab a handful of knives from your drawer and use them to weigh down that paper. They work great!

Tip #2
Pin it to the floor.
I mostly cut everything out on the floor because, most of the time, it's the only space big enough.  I've found that I can stick pins easily into my carpet and they hold the pattern and fabric in place better than anything else.  Seriously I was so excited when I figured this out!

Your turn! What do you do to make cutting out your patterns easier? 

My kids start school tomorrow so I'm off to hide their clothes for our annual First Day of School scavenger hunt. Oh and don't forget to check back Thursday to see what I made for the Jersey Love blog tour. There will be a giveaway too.  
Over and out!


  1. THANK YOU!!!!! These are great tips, so easy but I would never have thought of them on my own!

  2. I wish I'd heard of this sooner "hide their clothes for our annual First Day of School scavenger hunt" as my last child just began his Senior year. What a fun tradition!!