Friday, January 25, 2013

Handmade Christmas Gifts Part 2

It's still January for a few more days so I thought I'd be okay to finally share the last few things I made for my faraway family for Christmas.  We went to Colorado a couple of weeks after Christmas so I saved my presents to give then.  It has been years since I've watched these family members open presents. It was so fun.    

I made my sister some Room Shoes.  These were actually a birthday present. ;/   Thankfully we are all very accepting of late handmade gifts in our family.

For her Christmas present I made her a Girlfriend clutch with Fabric she picked our from a set I won when we were at Quilt Market.

For my dad who is a big Bronco fan, I made potholders.  He had declared a few weeks earlier that  they needed some new ones.  I made a couple of them in Bronco colors and then I couldn't resist sewing one up from my herringbone block leftovers.

I made a purse for my mom to replicate one that she loves.  That purse deserves a post of it's own.  I'm wiating for some pictures of it for my sister.  Since I finished it while I was in CO and didn't get to photograph it before I left.  It deserves a post of it's own anyway but here's a little preview of the materials I used.

My sister made me this cute running armband so can run with my phone. She used this tutorial.

And my mom painted me a picture of the beautiful poppies that bloom in her flower garden in the summer. Now I can have them to look at all year long?  I love them Mom! I'm so excited to have real art work in my house.  It sits above my sewing table for now until I can get it a proper frame.

My mom is so talented. She can do anything!

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  1. Your entire family is so talented!! I love that poppy painting by your mom. Really beautiful.