Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Year!!

Happy 2012!! Are you ready for a whole new year?  I love the fresh start feeling that New Year's brings.  We put away Christmas today and my living room is feeling a little barren, but in a good way.   My kids have one more week of vacation left so we are not quite back to business as usual, but I wanted to pop in and record the few Christmas gifts that were sewn this year.  I spent most of my creative time this season making a Shutterfly book for family gifts, but there were a handful of sewn items that made it into the mailed packages this year.

For my Mom I made new Satin pillowcases. How did I not get a picture of them??

For my sister... a simple clutch.  I loved this one so much I want one for myself. 

For my Mother in law, an ornament for her confection ornament collection. I copied an idea from Posie and Me.  She is selling some very cute felties (felt things)

I helped Meredith finish off her Mountain Dew Quilt for dad.  I was so proud of her for sticking with this project.  She is not a huge sewing fan.  We made it in a day.  She designed and sewed up the entire quilt top, including ironing on all of the Mountain Dew squares.

  I cut and quilted and bound it.  She wanted me to quilt it with D's and M's so that was a fun little challenge.

And today it turned chilly in Florida the low tonight is going to be 35 and tomorrow's high is 51.  I have my fuzzy socks on, that I save for just such occasions, and I'm wishing I was finished with this project.

It is a wide head band/ear warmer.  I bought the crochet pattern on Etsy on Christmas eve. It was a little present to myself.   I sold bags next to Tanya at one of our craft fairs this season.  Her stuff is just so cute in real life. It inspired me to try my had at crochet again.  I have never read a crochet pattern so that has been interesting.

Anyway, I hope you are up to something fun and enjoying your New Year! 
Bye for now.

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