Saturday, October 9, 2010

To Market, to Market

It's Farmer's Market time again. Here's what I've made to take tomorrow to add to the few bags I have from last season... an assortment of bags and clutches.

 A banner

 ...and 10 more crayon rolls

These little clutches are a new try for me. 
 The top has an inset zipper that I like.
And this picture is for you Rachel.. I tried out your wire wrapping trick but since I had no crab claws I just hook the wire right to the zipper.  Thanks for the tutorial.

And now I'm off!!!


  1. Looks like you've been busy!!! Did it all sell!?!

  2. It was fun to meet you at the Farmer's market. I am def. going to have to get some crayon rolls. Cira loves her feather clips. :) I love your blog. I use to sew, you are getting me inspired again!