Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Sewing Corner

It's late, and my computer is about to die, but I just had to post a picture of something else I slaved over this weekend. My freshly organized sewing corner! It's set up in my bedroom, which becomes the dumping ground for all things in the house that don't have a home.  Especially when we are having company, like Mer's birthday party on Friday. I was going to snap a before picture but I just couldn't bring myself to document the pigsty.  You can imagine, right?

The shelves with the fabric used to be shoved under the desk, I stacked them up on top of the blue shelf and it's a little crazy fabric tower but I really needed to see the floor under my sewing table for a while. The rest of my craft/sew supplies are in my closet, which also got a little reorganization this weekend. Doug really is kind to let me store so much junk.  Done. Good Night!!


  1. so nice and organized-- its very inspirational-- makes me want to got and get my sewing machine fixed!!! NOT!!! I am ready to throw it out the window!!! But your space looks great!!!! Happy Sewing!!!!

  2. Love it. I used to have that desk!