Sunday, January 17, 2010

Star Wars Messenger

Got any old sheets lying around that you just can't part with? Turn them into a bag.

I was asked by my friend and fabric sample supplier, Sarah, to make a bag out of her favorite old Star Wars sheets. I made it the same as my church messenger .
Here you go girl. May the force be with you!


  1. I LOVE it. Way to go, Sarah!
    Did you use a pattern for those two bags, or just make it up yourself? I've been thinking about making a new bag for myself, and I've always loved messenger bags.

  2. I just made it up myself. I could send you the measurements if you want. My church bag is the perfect size. I use it every week and it is seriously so handy

  3. that is so cute! i love the fabric!! great idea

    and yep- i have been doing lots, but remember i dont work anymore (i am home nights and weekends now) and its cold outside- i have no other choice but to do these things :)