Sunday, April 5, 2020

4 Easy DIY Face Mask Tutorials

Hello!!! I'm jumping in the mask making frenzy and I keep getting asked by my non-sewing friends what is a good tutorial to use. So I thought I'd do a quick round up review of some of the ones that I have tried. A couple things to think about before making your home made mask.  I found a good article on an NBC site that suggests using a double layer heavyweight quilting cotton material instead of knit fabric is best. It even suggests that a layer of flannel in between increases the virus filtration. There are many tutorials out there that use elastic loops to go around the ears. The word on the street is that the elastic behind the ears gets painful after a while so if you are making these for Healthcare workers opt for ties instead of elastic. Ties make the fit more adjustable as well.  I used to be a surgical nurse and it is really not as hard to tie these on as you think it might be. Also if you are making masks to donate to Healthcare workers please contact the facility to see if there are any specifications that they require and if they are actually taking donations. In our area there is a local facebook group that is coordinating orders. Take a look, you might have one  for your area too.

**Remember none of these masks are intended to be used as sufficient protection by themselves. Please follow the CDC and WHO guidelines if you are making one for yourself or family member.**

First up is this simple pleated mask by Dana from MADE EVERYDAY. I love her tutorial because it is simple and easy to follow. It includes instructions for ties or elastic, as well as multiple size option. I would say this style is probably the best and easiest if you are making them for yourself to help prevent spread of the virus if you have to go to work or to the store. This tutorial is easy to follow and she has a video too! Find her awesome tutorial HERE.

Next up is this molded version called the Olson Mask. Caroline of Sew Can She made a beautiful tutorial for this mask. The construction is a little more complex but it includes instructions for inserting a removable filter as well. It is more fitted than a pleated face mask and may be the option you are looking for. She also has a great video explaining the process. Check out her tutorial HERE

This next tutorial is also for a fitted mask but is constructed a little differently. It is designed by Suzanna of Hold it Right There. I like this one because it is specifically designed to go over a N95 mask to help prolong the life of those that have to be reused. It is simple and comes with a variety of sizes and tie options as well.  However, this pattern is only for use for those making masks for the Healthcare workers. This feels to big and strange to be worn on it's own anyway  Download the pattern HERE if you are sewing for your local health care facility.

One last tutorial I found a super simple mask designed by Bijou Lovely  for the Million Mask Challenge. You can read all about the project and help make masks to donate.

I hope these are helpful!! Signing out not to go sew a mask! Stay healthy everyone!

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Sweet Caroline Girlfriend Clutch and a Baby Shower gift

This week I had a little fun at my sewing machine. I spent Spring break in Southern Utah last week and we made a stop at my Aunt Sandy's house. She is ever so talented and makes amazing quilts and Doll clothes, and actual porcelain dolls, and everything. She was showing me all the string quilts she has been making and I just had to try out her method! I made something a little smaller than a quilt of course.  I used my Girlfriend Clutch Tutorial and sewed it up in the new fabric line from SEW CAN SHE. Her fabric line is called Sweet Caroline.  Isn't it pretty? You should see the rest of the stack!

This is what the inside looks like.  I haven't made a Girlfriend Clutch in such a long time. I have forgotten how much I love them.  I also added a little leather to the top of this one. I have all these leather scraps I need to figure out how to use up. Let me know if you want a tutorial on how to add some leather to the top.

I also got my Serger out today and made some quick burp cloths. These are so easy you guys!

 I could write a tutorial but you probably don't need one.:) Just some pretty fabric, some Minky or flannel and a serger. Cut yourself a shape and go!

 I hope you all made something fun this week too! Until next time, SEW long and be SEW happy!

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Tie Scrunchie Tutorial

Hi sewing friends! As I'm sure you've seen, scrunchies are back!! But have you seen the cute little tie scrunchie versions that are out there? A tie scrunchie is a scrunchie with a little strip of fabric tied onto it to make it look like you've tied a little hair scarf around your pony tail.

I keep seeing them pop up in shops and I even spied some tie scrunchies in Target the other day. I posted a tutorial on how to make them the other day on the SewCanShe website and I just wanted to make sure you saw it so
Head on over to get all the details on how to make your own OR... if making is not your style I put some in my ETSY shop just for you.

I listed a bunch in my ETSY shop because they are so fun to make and I just couldn't stop.  

If you are looking for custom colors or a whole set of matching ones for a team message me on ETSY and I'll whip some up for you.

Over and Out!!

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Mini Yarn Wreath Pattern Weights

Hi there sewing friends!  I wanted to pop in and show you how to dress up one of my favorite sewing notions. Pattern weights!! These are simple 3/4'' washers that I picked up from Home Depot to use as pattern weights. I thought it would be fun to make them pretty to give a little gift to my mom on her birthday. I've shared how to make Mini Yarn Wreath Pattern Weights  in the past as part of National Sewing Month with The Sewing Loft but I thought it would be fun to share here again too.   I think they are the perfect gift for a fellow sewist, don't you?

Do you use pattern weights? My whole life I've used good old table knives as pattern weights but these are much cuter. And I don't have to wash them and put them back in the utensil drawer when I'm done. These little cuties are so easy to make!

It's fun to play around with different colors of yarn and bits of felt. I think the purple one is my favorite! Want to make some?  I'll show you how.  It's easy!!

Start with 3/4'' washers from the Home Depot. I think they cost me a little over 50 cents each.  They are about 2 1/2'' wide.

Cut 3 lengths of yarn about 45'' long. Wrapping 3 at a time makes the wrapping go faster.  Stick the ends on the back of the washer with a dab of hot glue.  Wrap the yarn evenly and squish it together as you go. Finish it off with another dab of hot glue right where you started and trim away the extra yarn.

On some of them I added bits of felt for even more cuteness. I just glued on the felt bits and then wrapped an additional length of yarn around them. Love the argyle look!

They work out great!  

Once and a while I find that I need a little more weight so I just stack up two pattern weights as needed.

I packaged them up for my Mom in a little paper mache box from my local craft store! 

...and tied it up with a little ribbon!

A great little gift to add to your list :) Now I need to dress up my own. If you make a set of pattern weights like these, I'd love to see them!
 Happy Sewing!

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Quilty Penelope Bag PDF Pattern

Hello sewing friends. I just listed a pattern for sale in my Etsy shop! It's the Quilty Penelope Bag. Recognize it? The silhouette of this bag is one that I've been making to sell for years. I put a little quilt love on the side panels and shared it in the Patchwork Posse online Quilt Guild. Now I'm excited because I get to bring it home and offer it to all of you. You can find it in my Etsy shop. But first let me tell you a little bit more about it...

The handbag has a variable star block built into the side panels, giving it a pop of color and a cute way to show off your love of quilting. The star panel is great for using up some of your scraps or for playing around with your new favorite fabrics. You can also substitute an 8”, or larger, orphan block to the center panel for a completely different look.

 The Quilty Penelope Bag is perfect for carrying all your essentials, plus a few extras. It’s small enough that it won’t weigh down your shoulder, but roomy enough to hold what you need. 

There are pockets on the inside and a simple magnetic snap closure. The comfortable fabric strap stays on your shoulder and easily slips on with one hand. 

If you make one I'd love to see it! Show it off on Instagram at #QuiltyPenelopebag and tag me @bluesusanmakes.

Happy Sewing!

Monday, December 10, 2018

New PDF Pattern! The Gingerbread Man Puppet & Softie

Hello sewing friends! Today is a pretty exciting day for me. I am officially releasing a new pattern for sale. It's a PDF pattern to make a Gingerbread Man Puppet or Softie toy. Take a look and tell me what you think. 

You can use this pattern to make a cute softie toy or put a puppet pocket on it to make playing with him a little more fun. Leave him unstuffed (pictured below on the right) to make him easier to move or stuff him fat (pictured left) so he's nice and snuggly.

A few years ago I made a bunch of these little Gingerbread men to give with a Gingerbread Man book to all the families on our Christmas list. They turned out so cute I thought it would be fun to share how to make one with you all.   It makes the perfect, simple handmade family gift.

This PDF Pattern is written for the beginner sewist and includes 10 pages of detailed photos, instructions, and printable pattern sheets to make it easy for you to make this cute little guy. That means YOU can make this! I sewed him up out of polar fleece but any medium weight knit fabric will do. 

Here's a little peek at the back. He turns into a puppet with a simple pocket which makes it easy for little hands to slip in and run around the house with while the Gingerbread man escapes from everyone who is trying to eat him. "Run, run, as fast as you can. You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man"

This is an exciting day for you too because for the next couple of days this pattern is available in my Etsy shop at half price. If you hurry you can snag one.  And don't worry these are quick to sew and there is plenty of time to make one before Christmas. :)  If you make one I'd love to see it. Share it on Instagram with #gingerbreadmanpuppetpattern and tag me @bluesusanmakes.

Happy Sewing!

Thursday, October 11, 2018

DIY Rainbow Unicorn Costume Tutorial for

Hi sewing friends! We are busy getting ready for Halloween over here. I love Halloween! It may be my favorite holiday. I just love all the extra costume sewing I get to do.  Today I'm here to show you a new tutorial I have up on the blog. It's a DIY Rainbow Unicorn Costume tutorial just in time for you to make it for Halloween. It has been a while since I've created a new tutorial so I jumped at the chance to do another costume for this year.  I am super excited about how it turned out!

And isn't my little model the cutest!! With this tutorial you get to make all the accessories to turn a plain white shirt and leggings into a little girls' Rainbow Unicorn dreams come true. The pattern is sized to fit about a 2-4T. A five year old could probably get away with it as well. (my little model here is almost 5). I mean who doesn't want to dress up as a unicorn at that age. 

The tutorial includes instructions and patterns to make a Hood, Skirt, and Hoof cuffs.

The hooves might be my favorite. I love how they repeat the Gold on the horn and really finish off the costume.

For the skirt and the mane I used this amazing tulle. It's new at and comes in a ton of different colors.

The cuffs are made with the awesome gold lame and for the hood I used some Activewear spandex knit.  Both of these fabrics were very easy to sew. 

If you use this tutorial I'd love to see how it turns out!!
Happy Halloween Sewing!!