Hi, my name is Sarah Markos and I love to sew!

Why "Blue Susan"? 
No my name is not Susan... but growing up I frequently got called Susan when people forgot my name so I decided to go with it for a little blog alias. My favorite color has always been BLUE, though the shade of blue is always changing. So there you have it... "Blue Susan"

 I  LOVE to MAKE things! 
Mostly things out of fabric. I'm a little addicted to buying and looking at fabric. Especially vibrant, colorful fabric. I love to make things like Halloween Costumes, Pillows, Clothes, Quilts, but most especially Handbags. My label name is "Blue Susan" when I choose to sell my wares at local craft fairs and such. This little blog is the spot where I record my Blue Susan "makes" and share a tip or two along the way. I write so that my family and friends who share the same passion for sewing, can see what I'm sewing. I also use my blog as a reference if I'm going to make something again, since I rarely use a pattern for things. I always forget just how it was I made that. This blog has totally saved me more than once in the memory department. Most of my tutorials can be found on my sidebar where you can to learn how to make somethings I've made.

I am so LUCKY!
I get to be a stay at home Mom to 4 almost 5 (due 1/15) awesome kids that mostly keep me busy around the clock.  I'm married to my best friend who keeps me laughing through the daily challenges of raising kids. Amidst trying to stay on top of running a household I SEW to keep my sanity.  I love the creative process of figuring out how to put things together and making a vision become a reality. I also like to Run, Read books to my kids, remove fingerprints off of shiny surfaces, do crafts with my kids, and try new recipes from Pinterest.  I also used to be an Operating Room nurse, blood and guts are almost as fascinating as fabric. :)

I'm an Author!!
I co-authored a book called Just For You: Selfish Sewing with your Favorite SewCanShe Bloggers. Published by Stash books. It's a book full of sewing pattern you'll want to sew "just for you". Handbags, dresses, skirts, and accessories. Caroline and I compiled and edited patterns from 18 fellow sewing bloggers. I have 2 handbag patterns in the book as well. I feel so honored to have my patterns showcased among so many talented ladies.  You can read more about the book in this blog post.!

I'm a Designer!
I love invent new things. I've have a line of handbag patterns that I am putting together for publication, and I'm looking for pattern testers. Let me know if you are interested.

Contact me...
Any questions?? Please feel free to contact me at sarahmarkos(at)gmail(dot)com. 

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