Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Anthro Inspired Monogram Ornaments

I often browse the Anthropologie ads and think about how I could try to recreate some of their beautiful clothes and cute stuff. Last year there were some totally adorable ornaments on the back cover and I just had to make them. So this year I thought I'd show you how to make some too.
If you are heading to a Christmas party in the next couple of days they would make a fun little hostess gift to take along with you.

Last year I saw the cutest Ornaments in the Anthropologie Look Book. I don't live anywhere near a store so I thought it would be fun to try to recreate them as a Christmas craft with Jack and Luke, my 2 craft loving kids. Today I'm going to briefly show you how we made them. They just turned out way too cute not to share.  

We gathered up our supplies (Mini Pom Poms, floral wire, Baker's Twine, Yarn, and Tacky Glue) and set to work shaping our letters. To shape the letters we bent a wire into the letter and the used haanother wire or two to wrap around the first a bit to give it some dimension.  They ended up to be about 3 inches tall.  You can find a photo of the whole Anthropologie alphabet on Pinterest for reference.  Next we tied a small length of baker's twine a the top and set to work wrapping it with yarn. It gets a little tricky on the ends of the letter you have to get creative with how you wrap it to get the yarn to stay and not come unraveled right away. Next we glued on a bunch of super cute pom poms. 

Anthropologie has them for sale this year with a little different twist. LOVE!! They would make a fun gift for a special friend.

Merry Christmas!

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