Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Newest Etsy Listings - Handbags!

Take a look at our newest shop listings! I'm clearing out my closet full of sample items that I sewed for my book "Just for You".  I had to sew a bunch of partially made items for the publisher to photograph and show all the steps in the pattern. Instead of hoarding all those partially made items I finished sewing them up am giving you all a chance to get your hands on them.  You know, for those times you look at a pattern and say "I would really like to just buy that instead of make it"... well here's your chance.  Check them out!

Here we have the Venna Tote.  Read more about the makings of this in THIS post

This is the Crafty Stachel designed by Sara Lawson

Here's another Crafty Satchel that I sewed up for Purse palooza. SOLD OUT!

The sweet little Mini Dresden Coin pouch designed by Amy Friend

 This is the Bella Pouch designed by Bonnie Rosales. This is not in the same fabrics from the book. It was one of the pouches I sewed up to test the pattern.

And this last one I listed in the Kate Handbag. It's not in the book but it's from a design I came up with and sewed up a couple years ago.  (like I said I'm clearing out the closet) It even has my "vintage" Blue Susan tag inside, lol! I love this bag! It's even the Pantone color of the year...Marsala!

Now if you actually want to sew one of these pretty bags you can find the patterns (except the Kate Handbag) in my book Just for You:Selfish Sewing which you can find signed for you in the shop as well.

Thanks for looking!!

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