Monday, June 23, 2014

A Quilt for a Favorite Teacher

Summer is in full swing over here. I'm busy keeping kids busy and doing a bit of traveling and enjoying family visits. We are also doing a lot of arts and crafts to keeps little hands entertained. I'll try to post some soon in case you are looking for ideas, I know I always am.  Today I want to show you the quilt I made for our Kindergarten teacher. We loved her and she retired this year so I thought a special memory quilt would be a good gift for her.
This quilt was inspired by one I saw on The Tilted Quilt. I started out having the kids all write their name and draw a picture of themselves. I was originally just going to turn them into a fun big card but when I found at the last minute that she was retiring this year I thought she deserved something a little more grandiose. I scanned and printed the circles onto iron on transfer paper and ironed them onto fabric. I cut them into a 6" hexagon shape, then just sewed a 5" strip to every side and put them all together.  I also appliqued their favorite kindergarten memories to under each picture.
For a quick quilting job I just swirled around each hexagon.  Clearly I needed to pin a little more carefully, there are quite a few puckers on the back. 

It was my first time trying out "Y" seams. I'm just so glad it all worked out and that it was finished in the nick of time. I bound it the morning of our party and my daughter trimmed all the threads and held it up for a quick photo on the way to school. Phew!

In other news I had a bunch of wonderful people test out my Tulip tote pattern and I will hopefully be putting on the finishing touches on the final draft this week. I am a little nervous to pull the trigger and actually publish it but I keep telling myself it's just an experiment, so we'll see if I can really pull it off. 
Until next time...
 Happy Summer and Happy Sewing!

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