Monday, April 21, 2014

A Ruffle Skirt

I made a quick ruffle skirt for Mer for this year's "Easter Dress" 
We came home from church and she requested that her brother come out and take pictures of her.  You know, so she can have a good instagram pic to post. 
 I wasn't there for the photo shoot but it looks like it was a ton of fun, don't you think?
 I was laughing out loud when I uploaded the photos today. :) There are about 20 that look like this...

 I'd say the skirt AND the photo shoot was a success! 

Sewing notes:

  • This skirt is basically ruffle fabric with wide elastic sewn to the top of it.  It took about an hour to make...about 2 times as long as I had expected. It turns out those ruffles can be a little tricky to keep flat when your are laying the side seams together.  I recommend A LOT of pins if you make one of these. 
  • I also recommend sewing the side seams with the regular machine first and then with the serger AFTER you make sure those ruffles are in the right place.  I learned that one the hard way.
  •  I also had to change the differential feed on the serger to 1.5 to accomodate for the super stretchy-ness of the the fabric. 
  • We tried to dye the elastic to match. It turned out perfectly until we sent it through the washing machine.  There wasn't time to dye it again so we settled for off white instead of pale pink. 
  • I would also recommend stretching out the elastic a bit before you measure for the right size.  After Mer tried the skirt on 4 or 5 times the waistband was suddenly way too lose, and we had to do some last minute adjustments just 15 minutes before we walked out the door. That's how we roll. :)

Happy Sewing!


  1. This just makes me happy. She is such a cute girl with a fun personality! Kudos to the camera man too :)

  2. pretty nice blog, following :)