Monday, March 24, 2014

Got a ruler that slips? Fix it with TrueGrips!

It’s no secret I’m a little obsessed with making quilts right now. I’ve got a couple more in the works that I’ll show you soon.  Today I wanted to share a little something that has made cutting all those strips and blocks SOOOOO much easier.  Have you heard of TrueGrips?

They are non slip little circle stickers that you can put on the back of any ruler to help it stay in place while you cut.  

Okay, honestly I do most of my cutting with the mat on the floor so I can put my knee on one end of the ruler and my hand on the other so it doesn’t slide on the long cuts.  That changed when I started using TrueGrips. I’ve found that one hand is enough and I’ve actually been cutting with the mat on the table instead.  

After seeing how well they worked on my big ruler I stuck them on my my smaller ruler as well and I still have leftover.  Anyway they are pretty inexpensive and totally worth it.  You can use the leftover sticker bits for bumpers on your cabinets and drawers or stick them to the bottom of your presser foot to keep it from scooting away as you sew. 

I’m adding TrueGrips to the list of my favorite notions. You can find them for sale through the TrueCut Site and I bet they are at your local quilt shop as well.

Happy Sewing!

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