Friday, October 4, 2013

Project Sewn: My Little Black Dress

Have you heard of Project Sewn??  It's an online sewing competition where bloggers sew to compete.  There are 6 official contestants but readers are allowed to play along.  This weeks category was the Little Black Dress.  
I decided to play along just a little too late to enter officially, but I'm so happy I took the challenge.  Now I have a cute and comfortable new dress to wear.  My camera was having over exposure issues but I'd like to pretend I edited these shots with a beautiful filter :)  Here are a few dress details...I used the free Coffee Date Dress pattern on the Burda Style website.

It is meant to be made with a woven fabric but I took a risk and sewed it in a polyester knit and it worked!  I cut the size for my bust measurement and omitted the zipper, which meant I could cut the back skirt and bodice on the fold. I chose a medium weight plain polyester for the top and a slightly heavier weight  for the skirt.  I really like the subtle lines on the skirt fabric.

 I also added a simple sleeve to the side.  I ended up using the sleeve pattern from my purple shirt and taking out some of the"puff". I'm not sure I got the ruffle just right but oh well.

Next week's is "The Era Challenge". Hmmm still thinking on that one.

Over and out!


  1. OMG, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress! I really like how the skirt fabric has a subtle stripe. Great job!!