Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Monster Donut Pops

We are in the throws of demolishing a bathroom over here that is taking way too long. So sadly, I won't be sewing along with Project Sewn this week. I do have quick something to share before put on my grubbies and continue to chisel away bits of tile.  Monster Pops!! If you follow me on instagram @smark007 you've already seen them. Here is a closer look.

I made these to take to Jack's class for his birthday a couple of weeks ago.  We were going to take chocolate chip cookies but we were walking through the grocery store and he spotted donuts to take instead.  I told them I might be able turn them into something fun and he said go for it.

I think they would be a cute Halloween treat too, don't you? They were just so quick to make. I popped in a lollipop stick, mixed up some simple frosting, and piped on some faces. I didn't have any fancy packaging so they each got tucked in their own little snack bag and off they went.

Now off to break tile! :)

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