Thursday, May 2, 2013

My Sewalong Crazy Block

Do you want to see what's under my machine today?

As you may know, Sew Can She is doing another Sewalong! This time it is for Crazy quilt blocks inspired by beautiful Victorian quilts like these.  My mom has this mini crazy quilt hanging in her house.  It is made of beautiful scraps of velvet and silks, with intricate embroidery around each piece.

Anyway, here are my scraps for the sewalong.  Not near as luscious as silks and velvet, but bright and colorful nonetheless.

 This morning I turned them into this.  

I was about to say you can't really mess it up and then I found a edge in the center that didn't quite get caught in the seam.  oops!

Oh well! I am going to sew 4 of these and turn them into a new pillow!

What's under your machine today? Are you sewing along too?


  1. Under my machine today?

    Stretch denim for a cat-suit costume. :)

    Love the idea of a scrap quilt, but I don't save my scrap pieces. My sewing room feels too messy if I don't toss anything shorter than 1/4th of a yard moment I'm done cutting.

  2. Beautiful block! Love your greens and blues. :)

  3. Green and blue look so great together. When I discover some motivation a few of these blocks will be done, does it count if I have everything laid out ready to go hahahahaha :)