Thursday, May 30, 2013

A New Tee for Me!

The other day I went shopping for a new shirt.  After spending a couple of hours looking and finding nothing that I wouldn't need to wear a tank top underneath, I gave up.  It gets so hot here I hate wearing two shirts during the summer.  So I decided to sew one up for myself.

I came home and found an old shirt that I liked and cut it up for a pattern. Here's what it looked like before the scissors got it.

It was a little low and wide for my liking so I made a wider binding for the neckline.

I also got a chance to use my new twin needle for the hemming.  Love it!

I totally love how this turned out.  Why didn't I try this before?

 I'll be making another! And probably next time I'll make sure I iron out the fold line or pre-wash the fabric before I make it. oops!

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  1. Love your creativity. And that color is perfect on you! Thanks for sharing and the inspiration.

  2. Good Job Srah! Love the shirt...You will have to fill me in on how to use the twin needle for hemming. I totally want to try that on the material that I bought for T-shirts when I was in Florida.

    1. Yes you should totally try the twin needle. You just thread two threads instead of one. It works!

  3. Nice top, very pretty neckline!

  4. Hey! This top looks so familiar! Heehee. It is just as beautiful in real life as it is in pictures.

  5. This turned out SO well! I'm horrible at making clothes without a proper paper pattern....I tried to recreate my fav pj bottoms and it was an eipc fail. What could be easier than pj bottoms??? :)