Monday, November 19, 2012


Our Craft  Fair on Saturday was a total success and a lot of fun.  I posted these pictures on facebook but I thought put some here as well.  I know my mom at the very least would like to see our set up. So here you go Mom.

My friend Stephanie of Yada Yada made all the beautiful vinyl quote boards.

Here is one of the Venna bags I made that sold.

The only picture I got of the other Venna I made is up on the right hanging up in this picture.  I need to make some more of this design. I am working on a pattern for it too.

 I also made some cute Key chains to sell as well.  They are a simplified version of this tutorial. 

Now to get some Christmas sewing done. I think I'm going to make some more of those keychains to give as a teacher's gift.  They are fast to sew up.  Are you making any gifts for Christmas this year?  


  1. Very nice. I love that chevron bag. My guess is it sold in 2 seconds.

  2. I heard through the grapevine that you made a killing! Way to go!! I like the key chains, and they would make the perfect small, simple Christmas gifts. Thanks for the hot tip!