Monday, October 22, 2012

Quilt Market Swap

I'm leaving for quilt market in 3 days. I'm so excited and a little nervous.  I'm going with my friend Caroline of Sew Can She and in preparation for our big trip we decided to swap our sewing skills.

She made this cute dress for me... 

...and I made a lovely big tote for her.

Caroline be posted more details on the dress over on the Sew Can She Blog. So hop over there to check it out.   Here are the details on the tote.  This was an idea I had been rolling around in my head.  I started with a sketch and then brought it to life.  As you can see I'm naming this one the Venna tote.

The next one I make I'm going to try dyeing elastic for the "belt" around the middle.  One of my favorite parts is that the handles are connected at the belt loops.  It made for an interesting construction challenge.

I ended up stitching them down after the bag was put together all the way.

I added lots of pockets too.

I have a few more things to pull off before I leave...a couple of Halloween costumes and maybe a bag for me.  Better get sewing. 


  1. Totally cute purse and dress, Sarah! Have tons of fun at Market! I want to hear all about it!

  2. You should make a pattern! This tote is the shiz!!!!!!!

  3. LOVE this bag! Are you going to make a pattern for it? It's so cute!

  4. I'd totally buy the pattern! To bad you didn't make THIS one for yourself. It matches your dress:)

  5. I met Caroline while standing in line for sample spree. I met her because I asked her what pattern her bag was made from! I need this bag or pattern...honestly, if you decide to make it and sell them count me in! Gorgeous!

  6. I met Caroline while in line for sample spree because I approached her to ask what pattern her bag was made from! Will you be writing a pattern, or better yet selling the bag (not Caroline's, I'm sure she's not giving it up)? I'd definitely be interested I purchasing! So cute!