Monday, May 7, 2012

Treasure Pocket Pants

I am finally getting to post the last pair of pants I made for Lu last week.  I present to you
"Treasure Pocket Pants".

So I thought these pants turned out so cute, but when showed them to Doug, he gave me a funny look and said "For a boy?"  Hmmm. 

 Lu likes the pockets on them, so that's good.

The pattern came from the Sewing For Boys book.  It was my April entry for the Sewing For Boys Sew along.  

For fabric I used an old pair of Doug's jeans and an old button down shirt, so they 
are super soft and comfy.

As usual they are designed to be very baggy, so I cut a size 2/3 waist and 4/5 length, which worked out perfectly for my skinny little man.

This month for the sew along we have the option of making a pair of suspender shorts or a hat and belt.  I think I'll be choosing the hat/belt option.  I can't imagine any of my boys willingly wearing suspender shorts.  Hopefully I can finish it before the last day of the month this time.

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