Saturday, March 24, 2012

Revisiting Bench Pillows

Things have been quiet around here lately.  I have been busy playing nurse to sick kids and one with a broken toe that required surgery.  Things are slowly returning to normal and so I'm back to blogging.

Remember this pillow?? It was the first pillow I made for my new kitchen bench.  Sadly, it was almost a year ago that I made it with high hopes of making 3 more flower pillows to accompany it.

Last week I made two more, sans flowers.  

 I have been wrestling with myself as to just what to make for the rest of them for too long.  I thought I had better just crank some out before I get tired of the valences I was trying to match.

I think they go nicely together.  Meredith thinks the light blue Chevron needs a flower.  I'm not sure yet. What do you think?  What should I do for my last one?  Something with red on it? Brown? Another flower? Maybe I actually need 2 more pillows...

I also painted my kitchen walls a light gray color.  It's was probably the real motivation behind finishing the pillows.  I do have a hard time finishing a project.

Any suggestions???


  1. Love the pillow's the valance....and I would go red. You have a good eye for design.

  2. I kind of like the chevron as it is...but that being said I tried to monogram my chevron, so maybe something on it could be cute.

    Tough decisions. Red would be nice. Good luck.

  3. Love the flower pillow! Maybe another pillow in red with a brown accent on it?

  4. Amazing view. Congrats for building this website.