Thursday, November 10, 2011

Zippered Toy Tote Love

Here are the little zippered Toy Totes I've been sewing for the upcoming craft fair. 

These are just a traditional zippered pouch with handles added in when you sew in the zipper.  We use them to tote along our favorite toys to all the activities I drag my kids to. I somehow feel the pictures just don't do these little cuties justice.  Mer squealed with delight when I showed them to her...they are that cute up close.

A while ago my mom sent me a bag full of this jumbo chenille ric rac. (is that how you spell that word?)  It turned out to be great for making flowers.  Thank you Mom!!!!

And here's the little zipper pouch that I made to match the last purse.

If you are local and want to come see our booth, we will have a booth at the upcoming Gleason Park Arts and Craft festival on November 19th.  You can see some of the other stuff that will be there on our Yada Yada facebook page.

Over and Out!

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  1. Those are so cute! I'm gonna try to make it out to that show. I'm sure I would love it. Good luck!