Thursday, November 17, 2011

Still getting ready...

The Gleason Park Arts and Craft Festival is on Saturday, and I've been getting a few things ready for it.  I made another bag with a zipper in it, same style as the last one

For this one I used some fabric from Ikea

 I also made up some paper pockets. The perfect little wrapping for giving a little gift to a neighbor, teacher, or friend.  Slide your little goodies into the pocket and you are good to go.  They are the perfect size to hold a sandwich bag full of treats.  There are a bunch to choose from and they are all different.

I also made up some Little Nativity Playsets.  I was contemplating doing a tutorial on these, but they are a bit complicated to explain and I fear it would take about a million pictures to show you, so sorry no tutorial this year. 

I'll be at the craft fair from 9-5 if you get a chance to come by and see our Yada Yada booth. What's Yada Yada?? When I sell at craft fairs and markets I team up with my friends Stephanie and Heather, and we call our booth "Yada Yada: a Hodgpodge of Beautiful Things".  You can see what the other gals make on Facebook if you are curious.


  1. I love the first picture - the blue bag. How much would you charge?

  2. Thanks Christi! That one is actually dark gray, sorry for the poor lighting. The price is $30.