Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Questions, questions.

Saturday's craft fair was a ton of fun.  It was a good day for sales.  I do have some bags left over that I need to put online to sell...not sure when I'll get to that.  Is it really Thanksgiving tomorrow??  Now it's time to focus on Christmas gift making.  I'm not sure how large my handmade gift list will be this year.  It depends on how much energy I have.  I'd say I'd better figure that out soon.  Whatever I make it will be nice to sew it in my nice and tidy sewing area that I just cleaned up last night.  Okay, enough jibber jabber, lets get to the questions.

In the midst of my craft fair sewing frenzy last week, I switched gears for a night and made a little quilt top from my scraps.

I have been wanting to make a "picket fence" pillow for quite some time now.   The concept is just too cute.  I found a bunch of cute pink and orange scraps so I thought I'd sew a little quilt for a friend and her soon to come new baby.

  Unfortunately I just dove headlong into arranging colors and sewing up scraps without planning for sizing.  This turned out to be a mini quilt...too big for a carseat/dolly blanket, not quite big enough for a baby quilt.  So my question for you today is what to do with the sizing?  Do I add a border?? Do I leave it small?  I also have some pink minky I could back it with, but I want to machine quilt it..Does minky machine quilt okay??

 Please help!...and Happy Thanksgiving!!

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  1. It might be the perfect size for covering a new baby, but a border could add size and color. It would be cute. I'd love to hear how it goes if you quilt it with minky on the back. I have two throw quilts to quilt with minky backs and I'm nervous!

    Love what you have so far!