Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sidetracked by Superman

I get sidetracked easily.  In life, as well as in sewing.  My littlest is getting into playing dress-up, and though he is the littlest of 3 boys, we really don't have many of boy costumes that will fit him.  Last week he told me he wanted to be Superman for Halloween. He was Superman for Halloween when he was 1 and his old costume is a bit too small.  It was all he could talk about, so the next day we went to fabric store for some fabric to make a new one.  And because he asked me everyday if his Superman suit was done, I diligently sewed it up last week.

Presenting Superman!

The middle brother quickly donned one of our other size 3T costumes and showed little brother some moves.

Most importantly, he gave him tips on how to fight the bad guys.

Okay, okay, the details:  I made the cape long ago, when the biggest brother was the only brother.  Actually I made both of them back then.  The underoos underwear admittedly were from back then as well. I have saved them for costume purposes but they really should be remade.

 I used the Batman jammies as a pattern for the Superman clothes.  Like this...

One tip I've learned when you are using clothing as a pattern, cut half of it out and then fold it in half and then cut the rest out, to make sure each side is the same.

 After the clothes were made I used fusible web to attach the "S" and then stitched around it.

Littlest brother likes his super suit so much that he is even sleeping in it tonight.  He informed Doug, as he was getting ready for bed, that Superman wears "this many underwears" (holding up 2 fingers).  I persuaded him that Superman usually hangs up his cape before he goes to bed.  Then told me he wanted to watch Superman tomorrow to see if he could see inside his house.  I love this cute kid!

One little man ready for Halloween and it's not even October. This is a record for me.   Are you getting ready for Halloween yet?


  1. My 4yo just told me that she wants to be a witch, and I'm so relieved! I think I'm just going to make her a cute skirt that she can wear with a black t and some striped leggings!
    The boys are so cute!

  2. I LOVE your kids! Luke is so dang cute... Love the costume, too, Sarah-- reminds me of when My own little bro was Superman. He was about the same age, too. :)

  3. Great costumes. I love the fancy shiny applique. And the button on the cape.