Monday, August 15, 2011

Embellished Tanks

I finally finished my other WIP.... Embellished tank tops.  My friend asked me if I could put some ribbon and fabric flowers on some tanks for her grand daughters to wear.  Here's how they turned out.  

For a couple of them I used ribbon and a couple got fabric rosettes. 

Since M. was the right size for the bigger shirts, she got to model them.  Which made me realize I had spaced the bottom one a touch too far away.  That one quickly got fixed.  After that I made 6 yo J. put on the other ones to check placement, he was a good sport about it but did NOT want his picture taken. :)

My favorite are the ones made out of ribbons.

I looked for a ribbon flower tutorial that I liked but didn't find one.  I'll have to post on how I made them. 
Can't get this pic to flip.
The fabric flowers were made similarly to THIS tutorial over at Sew in Love.

I will leave you with one more picture of fabric flower bliss that I found when hunting for tutorials to link you to....

Aren't these divine? You can find out how to make them, and another way to arrange them at Snowy Bliss.  I hope to be making these sometime for spring. I know, wrong season, but I had to share.

Over and out!


  1. Cute tank tops. I have to bribe my boys try on stuff when I don't have a girl the right size. Then I threaten to post it to my blog, but I have never really done it. I'm probably saving the pictures for when I really need blackmail material. :)

  2. You are sew nice to sew for others!!! Totally cute embellishing job. The ribbon flowers would make cute hair clips. I'll be waiting for the tut. :)

  3. Those tanks are too dang cute!
    And thanks for featuring my long stemmed roses... really it means so much!
    Have a wonderful day!