Monday, July 25, 2011

Works in Progress...

So I came back and haven't really made too many things lately.  I'm just savoring the last few weeks of summer over here.   Plus, Doug bought us a new TV which has been eating into my sewing time. :)    Tonight I have a couple of projects to show you that are in the works.   No explanations, just pictures!!

Happy Summer to you all!

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  1. We got the work in progress today, and I love it!! Such the perfect gift for Henry seeing as the only towel he has is a hand-me-down from Grace so it is pink.

    Thank you so much Sarah!! When I get back to the sewing room, I might just have to make a hoodie towel for my pregnant friends. Such a great gift idea!!

    And, of course, Grace and George love their new game. So thoughtful!!