Saturday, July 16, 2011

I'm Back!!

Hi there!! I'm back from my family reunion.   I spent 2 lovely weeks at home letting my kids run wild with the cousins in the big back yard.  My parent's yard is so beautiful, it has tons of luscious flowers.  Meredith was obsessed with taking pictures of them.

My mom is the queen of Craftiness.  She had all kinds of crafts and activities to keep the kids busy.  This particular one was egg carton caterpillars.

Every year, as part of the reunion, she throws us a big themed party.  This year it was a Hoe Down! Here are some shots of a few of the activities.

Panning for Gold!

 Sent to Jail!

 Cattle roping!

Barrel Racing!

Here's my Mom putting the finishing touches on the hobby horse.

As you can see we had a ton of fun.  A get all my craftiness from my mom who has been sewing, designing, and making things all her life.  She makes fully illustrated doll dress patterns that you can check out at if you are curious.

She and my sister also make jewelry to sell at shows around town.  The day after I arrived they participated in a little craft/art show and I got to jump in with them.  I brought some bags from home that were left from my last craft fair and sewed up 6 crayon rolls the night I got in.  It was a  little crazy but it turned out to be worth it because I ended up selling 2 bags and 5 of the crayon rolls.  

And lastly, I made another pincushion caddy while I was there.  This one was for my sister for her birthday.

 And now it's back to reality.  Sigh!!!

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