Monday, June 27, 2011

The Mermaid's Tail

Today we had a party to go to for Jack's little best friend.  She turned 5 and since she loves to dress up I made her a little Mermaid Tail.  You just velcro it around your waist and pretend you are a mermaid.  It was a fun, fast project! 

It's so cute on...somehow the picture with her wearing it didn't record.  If you want to make one, I used the tutorial HERE.  And here's a picture of another one  I made a while ago.

I'm off to Colorado tomorrow for a couple of weeks to visit my folks.  I'm so excited to see those beautiful mountains and breath the crisp clean air.  I'm not excited about the airplane journey that will begin around 6 AM, by myself with 4 kids in tow.  But it's worth the blissful relaxation I get and the fun times we have when we're there.  My posting may be spotty...but then again isn't it always. :)

Farewell for now!


  1. I know my girls would love those, I think I'll put them on my list of things to make for Christmas (yes, I have to get started now).

    By the way, I think yours is even cuter than the one in the tutorial. :)