Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dinner and a Work in Progress

Summer is in full swing here, which means I'm seriously full time mom to 4 kids right now.  I'd have to say I'm getting a bit lazy with my evenings and I haven't been making too many things.  I have been trying out a few new recipes though.  Tonight I made Laurel's Chicken and Rice

I didn't get a picture of it before it was dug into, but it's basically a baked rice and chicken dish. 

One of the ingredients is chicken broth and in my cupboard I found some Thai coconut curry chicken broth I bought to try. I used Jasmine rice too.  It turned out really good.

And here is my work in progress for the week.  'Tis the season for finishing projects for me.  Many years 10 years or something like that, my MIL gave me this cool map fabric.  Though I've never taken time to turn it into a quilt, we have used it a ton.  I've even pinned it to chalk boards and used it for teaching.  Anyway, I uncovered it in a to do pile the other day and this it the week that it is getting finished. 

It is all quilted.  I think I want a border on it though so it may be alittle tricky adding one at this point but I have an idea how do do it so I'll hopefully share that later in the week.

Good night!


  1. That chicken looks sooooo good right now!!!

  2. I agree with Shelly! I didn't make dinner tonight, and your chicken and rice with salad and asparagus are making my mouth water.

    My mom bought you that fabric?! It seems so random from my mom, but what a cute quilt it will make.

  3. Hi!

    I am your follower.
    I loved the dish!! :) It looks Yummy!

    Do visit my blog too and follow it if you like!

    Keep up the good work!