Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More Wristlet Clutches

Here are a few more wristlet clutches! 
Mer requested this specific style for her teachers.   

 For the insides, I just used the same fabric as the accent sorry no picture.

So, I don't have a tutorial for this one but I will share the dimensions of my cuts so that if you know how to make a little zipper pouch, you could sew up one of these as well.

Here you go!

  • Main Body- 15.5 in X 11 in. - cut 1 from main fabric, cut 1 from lining fabric, and 1 from felt (for interfacing)
  • Handle- 11 in X 3 in - cut 1 and fold like bias tape and stitche up each side.
  • Ruffle- 15 in X 2 in 
  • 9 inch zipper
If you make one of these let me know... I'd love to see it!


  1. So pretty and I love the photography.

  2. Super cute!! I'll have to try to make one of these. It's the perfect gift!

  3. Sarah, these are soooooo adorable! I wish I would have known you had this great blog sooner! I just spent a ton of time checking out all your fun stuff! I forgot how great a sewer you were! Wish I had that talent! Link up to my Show and Tell party over on my blog any Wednesday if you'd like to show off your amazing skills! You are amazing!

    Becca Dulgarian

  4. The pouches are great! I like the way you combine fabrics. I like your pictures too, espcially the one with them hanging on the string....what clever idea! I know how hard it is to get good pictures. These look great!