Thursday, March 24, 2011

I tried a new Pattern!

I finished Mer's shirt this week.  It is similar in style to the last one I made, but I have to admit using a pattern is way easier than figuring it out on my own.  I'm glad I finally found one.

This was  Simplicity Pattern #2270 It was supposed to be a dress but Mer wanted a shirt.  She also picked the fabric, which I absolutely love.

Besides shortening it, I made a few other changes.  It is supposed to have a zipper in the back, but I made it without one and it miraculously fits over her head.

  Originally the sleeves stuck out more at the shoulders, so I tucked them in at the back about an inch and tacked them down.  If I make this again I will change the sleeves so they are right from the beginning.

One more thing checked of my list. Yes!!
Speaking of checking things off my list... I also finished painting my new kitchen banquette this week.  My parents came to town for a visit, and it was just the motivation I needed.  I'll post pictures soon.


  1. So cute! Mer looks darling! I can't wait to see the kitchen banquette.

  2. Nice job with the neck yoke. I stitched up a similar pattern last year and it never looked perfect like yours. And cute fabric choice!

  3. Thanks for the sleeve pattern tip. If you were to sew it again, would you just take an inch off the side seam? I have this pattern cut out and ready to sew, but was worried about the sleeves looking too much like wings!

  4. Hi Lucinda. You could take an inch off the side seam but you would also lose some of the gathered poof of the shoulder. If that's okay with you I'd say go for it. If I were to sew this again I think I would take more off the hem edge than I would take off of the whole side seam. maybe just reduce the hem edge by 1 inch and then draw a line from your new corner to the shoulder edge corner. I'm not sure how to explain clearly but does that make sense? Good luck! I'd love to see your results.- Sarah