Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Honor Hipster

I brought one of my custom bags back for a re-make of the top, and I was able to get a picture of this one.  I'm calling it the Honor Hipster.  A custom bag for my friend Honor.

It was a little experimental to make.  It is a larger version of my mini messenger but I changed it up a little.  Instead of a flap I did an inset zipper.   Zippers in purses are hard for me.  This is only the second inset zipper I've done (want to see the first?) and I'm still working on perfecting it but this one turned out okay.  Let me just say, they are tricky!!

I've had a few requests for zippers, and I always hesitate promising one because I just don't know how it will end up turning out.  So Honor was nice to let me practice on her bag.

We had another little problem we had to solve on this one. Because she wanted it to be a deep 5 inch gusset  I had to add some side pleats to the top to maintain the plain boxy square shape that she wanted.  Otherwise the top of the bag turns out much wider than the bottom.

We left the handles hipster length, so the bag sits low at the hips when it crosses your shoulder. (I need a model!)

 And here's my little tag inside. I'm trying to remember to put these in because they are just so cute!

And so for reference sake I named this bag the Honor Hipster, and a new style is born.