Friday, January 7, 2011

My Fabric addiction

I love fabric!!

I taught a class once where I asked the kids if they had any questions about me to get to know me better. Someone asked if I collected anything, I started to say no...and then it occurred to me, yes I do... I collect fabric! The funny part was when she said that her mom must collect fabric too, because she sure had a lot of it.

So yes, I collect fabric, not just to have, but to have when I need it. So when my friend needed some cute burp clothes we could shop the stash and find something good. I love that!! I usually shop sales and remnants... So when I got an email from our local fabric shop that they just put a ton of new fabrics on the $5/yd sale rack, I had to go. I'm thrilled that they've started to carry some Riley Blake fabrics.

This is what I came back with.
These are from Riley Blake's Sublime by Dohicky line. I think I'm going to make a shirt for Mer with these.

I also stocked up on more dots since I blazed through the last yard I bought ( RB: Just Dreamy by My Minds Eye). And the paiselies weren't on sale but I just love this fabric and needed to have some.

And that was the fruit of yesterday's fabric shopping extravaganza. I could have bought more. Actually I did buy more, today online, some extra fabric I need for reupholstering my chair.

Anyone else have a fabric addiction?? :)


  1. Me too! When fabric starts to take over my sewing space I have to hide it away in my closet or a cupboard somewhere. But then I forget about it and buy more! Looks like you are having an orange and green fetish right now... Very cute. I just made a soft blue quilt with tangerine accents (not UF colors!). I love it. Show me your storage space!

  2. too cute!!!!!!!
    i must admit that i have had a small stash of cute fabrics for the day my inner seamstress is ready to let loose :)

    i had no idea my minds eye does fabric--- I LOVE their papers!!! those are my favorite scrapbooking papers as well as yellow bicycle.
    cant wait to see what you make!!!!!