Wednesday, October 20, 2010

An Experiment

 My mom and sister participate in a bunch of craft shows out in CO. (which is probably why I'm even attempting selling stuff out here.)  We are always comparing what we made and what we sold.  How much you sell at a craft fair is always unpredictable but it seems to me that their shows get a ton more traffic than the ones I participate in.  So as an experiment I'm sending out a handful of things to sell in CO.
 I made a few random zipper pouches out of remnant fabric I had on hand, and I decided to turn some of my flowers into pins. I'm curious if anyone will even look at these, but I think they are pretty.

I added a flower to this squares clutch which helped it a ton.

And here's a close up of the little ruffled zipper pouch, which is much cuter in real life.

 This one was  new invention. I've been looking at  the circles on the quilt and flower patch pillows HERE, and have been dying to see if I could figure them out.  Anyway, I just experimented with that type of ttchnique on this bag and this is how it turned out.  In honor of the inspiration I use an Anna Maria fabric.

I'm not sure about the all one color fabric, but I like how the flower turned out.


Bye for now!! It's waaaaay past my bed time.

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