Thursday, September 23, 2010

Two Pink Pouches

Sewing is slow these days, but a couple of weeks ago Jack went to a double birthday party and I sewed these up as quick gifts.

They are just zippered pouches with little handles attached.  We have a zipper pouch that we use toting favorite small toys around town and I've often wished it had handles, and that's how the idea for these was born.  A good zippered pouch tutorial can be found HERE.  The handles are lightweight with no stabilizer, created with folded strip of fabric.  I just inserted the handles into the zipper seam before sewing, and there you have it.

I have a bunch of projects lined up... if only I had time to sew them.

Here's my list:
2 special order bags
Curtains for little boy's room
reupholstering the green vinyl chair
a dress for the girl 
a skirt or two for myself.
pillows for my bed 
everyone needs new PJ pants 
I could go on but I'll stop there.

Want to see the chair I found?  I think I've decided to do it in this fabric.

I've got to get busy!


  1. I'll miss you Sarah! Thanks for everything!

  2. I can't wait to see the chair redo.

    Those little pouches are very cute. What kid doesn't like a bag to haul their stuff around in??

  3. don't you wish we could keep up with what we could imagine? I love the pouches - my girls would love those!