Monday, August 9, 2010

Last weekend's Sewing Extravaganza

I left you hanging for a whole week. Last Saturday the hard drive crashed so I couldn't post anything about my sewing extravaganza until now.  Here are the rest of the pictures of the what I made that weekend.  

A shirt for Miss Mer. I tried to copy this one but I utterly failed on the sleeves.  Way too tiny!!

I used a shirring technique I found here. It was actually fairly easy!!

I remade the sleeves two more times until I finally got them kind of right. They are done but I have no pic, cause my camera's battery is dead and I misplaced the charger last week. I'm full of excuses today!! I'll get one, stay tuned,

Saturday night, my friend Kristin joined me for a little sewing fun. While I rebuilt sleeves, she sewed up a little tiered skirt.
 She just learned to sew this year, and is a natural...she's already altering patterns and improvising at adding tulle.  Great job Kristin!
During my frustration with those sleeves I didn't want to let all that shirring go to waste so I used them to make a little matching dress for Josefina.

And then I finished a little project that I had cut out...The Elephant bath mit.  I based it on these that I made...and though I think it's cute, it's missing something in the face. Could I add more embroidery to make it look right??

And that wraps up my weekend of sewing. Not as majorly productive as I had hoped but not bad, realistically speaking...


  1. LOVE that little bath mit!!! ao cute and Josefinas dress is too cute!!!

    love the skirt also! i have lots to catch up on here. I think when school starts and def. in the winter I will have more computer time!

  2. Thanks for letting me in on your sewing extravaganza! I had a blast and learned so much!!!! :) Love the dress for Josefina, great idea! And the bath mitt is adorable! I'm sure if I hadn't of crashed your sewing party, you would've got a lot more done!!!