Friday, July 30, 2010

A Tidy Little Garbage Sack

So my Man is out of town for a few days and I have high hopes of finishing a bunch of sewing projects while he's gone. Tonight I spent the evening tackling one I have wanted to make for a while. A garbage sack for the Car.  I asked the kids if they would actually dispose of their trash properly if I put a garbage bag in the car for them. They said YES! and so I delivered... with the high hopes that it may actually get used.  

I copied one I found on Etsy a long time ago. It has an insert that I reinforced with stabilizer and boning in the top to keep it popping open.

The idea is that you can put a trash liner in it and stuff the edges in nice and tidy like.

I did the strap differently, so I wouldn't have to think about making it adjustable. I added a snap to make it easy to remove as needed.

So anyway, here it is hanging in the car. 
 I may put it in a more central location so all the kids can reach it.  I can't wait to show them tomorrow. The novelty of it just may get them to use it.


  1. I've thought of making one of these myself, but I've wondered if it would really get used.

    Can't wait to see what else you make while Doug's out of town.

    I'm feel less than motivated to sew since I got home from ATL. Maybe tonight will be my lucky night...

  2. Very nice. I like it even better than the one in One Yard Wonders. I think I'll have to copy you. My car desperately needs it.

  3. oh so cute!! i have a bad on my back seats for trash and NOT ONE KID USES IT WILLINGLY!!! let me know if yours works- if so i will take 3~~~