Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mer's Seat Cushion

I almost had this done last night but my bed won and I put the finishing touches on it this evening. We bought a desk for Mer for her birthday and since we didn't want to put out money for a cute chair, I shopped the house and found a solution.  I told Mer she would use our old ikea stool and I'd make her a cute cushion to sit on... So here it is.

  My favorite part is the covered button in the center.  This was a tricky little project and came out a little wobbly here and there. The cording was easy to make but a little tricky to sew in.
 I think the stool needs a fresh coat of paint as well but that's a project for another day.
To attach the cushion I made little velcro strips.

I also put a zipper in the back of it but realized as I sewed on the button that I would never be able take the pillow out of the inside without removing the button, so the zipper may have been a little unnecessary. oh well, good practice. Since I am penny pinching this month, for the inside I used some old pillow inserts from some really old couch pillows and just filled it up tight with a couple of them.

And that's a wrap!


  1. I love this!! I've thinking of making something similar for my bench, but it seems like a daunting task. I might be calling you for some tips!

  2. that is so cute!!! that is the cutest fabric ever!! great job-