Saturday, June 5, 2010

Finally the Curtains

I finished the tie-backs for Mer's curtains and finally got around to taking pictures of them tonight. I love the fabric with her room color (sea foam green) I would have liked to position the tie-backs a little higher or lower, but Mer wanted them there, so that's what she got.

I lined the back of them with black-out cloth so the street light won't flood into her room all night long.  It is very thick and heavy and pretty tricky to work with. I need to redo the bottom hem so they drape a little better. When I do that I may post some things I learned about working with black-out cloth. Here's a close up of the tie-backs. I wanted them to be easy for Mer to do and I came up with a little loop of fabric with a D-ring on each end that could hook up in a flash.

 I also finished this little birdie mini messenger, that I started a while ago.  It was inspired by a mini messenger tutorial that I saw on Noodlehead though I didn't really follow the tutorial.  It measures about 7" X 7.5" X 2".  My battery died or I would show you what it looks like on the inside. There's a little magnetic clasp that holds it shut. Of course the funnest part was sewing the birdie.
And that was my sewing for the week. My freshly organized sewing room became summer school central.  And my machine was grounded to the floor for most of week.

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