Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ceiling Fan Fabric Makeover

While my parents were here my dad helped me complete a little project. A makeover for my back porch ceiling fan. I wish I had a before shot, but just imagine old, white, and rusty and you'll get the picture. Dad took my porch ceiling fan down for me and I spray painted it dark brown and covered the blades with fabric. I love how it turned out.

Ceiling fan fabric makeover
To put the fabric on I used heat n' bond and ironed it on well to the blade. Then I put on a couple of coatings of Modge Podge. It turned out better than I expected and was very easy!! I'm actually surprised it worked. The fabric seems to be stuck on really well, we will see how well it holds up to the Florida humidity.


  1. It looks really, really cool!! I sure do love your craftiness and the extra fun it adds to your home and family!

  2. So clever! What an unexpected place for a little punch of fabric whimsy!!

  3. i love the fan!!! if the humidity gets to it too bad - you can always just spray paint it with a matte laquer one made for outdoor stuff --- but use matte so it doesnt look shiny!!! but it looks like its holding up perfect!

  4. Awesome Sarah!!! What a clever idea.

  5. I love this idea! The fabric you used to cover the blades is just lovely. Customizing your ceiling fan makes it more impressive. :) Oh, I wish I can see the image of the entire ceiling fan!

    - Staci Severns