Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Own Little Project Runway

I had some technical difficulties uploading the pictures. You should be able to see them now...

Since I now have a serger, one of my goals this year is to make some clothes for myself. I gave myself a deadline, asked some friends to hold me to it and I did it!!! I made this little skirt to go with this cute shirt I got at old navy a couple of months ago.I originally planned on wearing it untucked but as I was finishing it up it was a little too boring (too me). Something else I'm trying to do is step it up a little in the way of fashion. So I tried tucking it in and here it is.

It needed something though so before the skirt was officially finished tonight I ran to Target for a few accessories. After an hour of browsing, and at the last minute being intercepted by my friend Maria for a quick fashion consultation, I came back with this belt, shiny new patent ballet flats and a chunky black necklace.
Nice hair flip huh?
A side view
This shot as everything for the final look, man it is hard to get good shots.

To make the skirt I made a pattern from one of my existing black skirt that I've had forever. I simply love the fit. It is tight and secure up top and is just the right length so when I sit my knees don't show much, so I'm not having to constantly pull it down when babies sit on my lap. It was pretty easy to put together. I put in my first invisible zipper, not sure I did it the way I was supposed to but it looks fine.

Want to know how much this little outfit cost me?
new shoes-$20
black necklace-$2.50
earrings-free (gift from Mom)
belt- $4.50
skirt fabric- free (thank you Sarah)
invisible zipper- $2
old navy shirt- $15

Grand total, $44 for it all. It was a seriously fun little adventure, and I have something new wear to church tomorrow. Now all I need are a few judges. Honestly what do you think?? I asked Doug, what he thought of the material, he said "It's great... if you like wearing a rug" But now I think the rug look has grown on him and he gives it the thumbs up.


  1. I think the modeling is my favorite! I really like the whole look - the skirt, shirt, belt, shoes, jewelry - all go so nicely together. Did you have a pattern you were working off of, or did you just come up with the pattern on your own? Well done!! Awesome job!!

  2. Thanks, I made the pattern from a skirt that I have. Yeah the modeling is awesome, huh?

  3. I think it looks great. The skirt is awesome and I love the whole ensemble. Super stylish! I expecially liked the hair flip ;)

  4. It looks awesome on you! Now I want to start making clothes for myself.

  5. love it! hair flip, belt and all!!! :)

  6. I totally love it! I need some tips!