Sunday, January 3, 2010

Handmade Christmas

Okay, so I've been meaning for a while to start this little blog to show and keep track of all that I make. Thank you Liz for the little push I needed to actually do it. Here are some of the presents I made for my family this year. As I'm looking through my files I realize I didn't get pictures of half of what I made. Aaaah!!

Appliqued flower t-shirt. I got this flower idea from Stitch magazine
Jewelry/necklace organizer for my mom.
I thrifted the frame and added wire garden mesh to the back. It is super sturdy and you can hang earrings on it or necklaces using s-hooks.

Earring organizer using screening. It has small enough holes so that you can hang earrings with backs on it.

A wood bead ribbon necklace. I got the idea from V&Co and almost kept it for myself. And then I made a bunch of zipper pouches for cousins and brothers, here are a few of them. The army one I stuffed with Army guys, and I thought the brown on needed a little something so I monogrammed it with fabric paint.

This little zipper pouch I gave to my friend and free fabric remnant supplier Sarah. I added a black beaded zipper pull (not shown) which made it look pretty fancy.

Super kid t-shirts. I got this idea from Liz...thank you. The one on the right is appliqued felt. The other two are painted with fabric paint and dye, using a kit my mom gave me for my birthday.

Embellished kitchen towels. I think I mde 6 or so sets of these. They are supposed to be patchwork but I went for the single fabric option for speed. I did a couple of sets out of some other fabrics as well. They are so fast, about 20 minutes a pieces once you get the hang of it. I again got this idea from Liz.

Some other things I made I dont have pic of like the polar fleece shawls, an apron, the car caddies, and the very cool Mermaid tail (thanks to Annee for the last minute inspiration.)

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