Friday, January 29, 2010

Cowboy quilt

After my last post declaring that January was my month to finish up old projects I realized that I had a couple of quilts to make before I could start my kitchen valences. A very long time ago, Liz gave me fabric to make some baby quilts for the hospital that Baby George had heart surgery in. So here is one of them. I'm a little embarrassed that it has taken me so long to get to it. I machine quilted it so it only took me a few hours to make, start to finish. Once the front and back were finished, I basted all the layers together with quilting spray, set my machine to the longest stitch and went for it. Thanks for tips Liz. I usually hand quilt my quilts mainly because I've never had any luck with machine quilting. This time, with quilters spray, a long stitch length, and much better machine, it worked like a dream. 2o minutes of quilting verses 4 or so hours is awesome. It was working so well that I decided to try out a star in the middle.
We'll be sending them soon Liz!!

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  1. Thanks Sarah! I'm glad you enjoyed the machine quilting. It is definitely a time saver!